ColorWorks C7500

The ColorWorks C7500 series provides perfect colour labels that not only look beautiful but are also durable and intense.

C7500 is irreplaceable in printing colour labels in short series. It allows to print high-quality labels at home inexpensively and quickly. Thanks to the short print option and the creation of individual on-demand projects, the C7500 also eliminates the costs of pre-printing.

A quality you can count on
The C7500 printer allows to print high-quality, custom-designed labels, even at home and on demand. It has been equipped with a modern PrecisionCore printhead, which ensures the best print quality. The Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT) and a dot matrix to replace the blocked nozzle guarantee print accuracy and prevent print errors or dead pixels from occurring.

Fast printing
The C7500 industrial printer allows to print high-quality labels, including food products, mail, or even energy labels and GHS labels. Thanks to the high printing speed (300 mm/s), it is possible to print in colour at the same speed as for some thermal monochrome printers.

With the C7500 printer, on-demand label printing reduces pre-printing costs associated with the production of unused labels and reduced supports stock. In addition, the use of highly efficient single ink cartridges means that only the colours used are replaced, so the cost per single printout is lower. The printhead has been designed so that it can work throughout the life of the printer without the need to replace it.

Simple operation, low maintenance requirements
Thanks to the LCD control panel, the C7500's printer configuration is simple as never before. The addition of the ESC/label command enables the printer to be easily integrated with any operating system. The device includes a complete software that facilitates installation and is equipped with the nozzle verification technology (NVT), which facilitates servicing and prevents the nozzles from blocking.


Key features

  • Outstanding reliability and durability: The PrecisionCore printhead ensures the highest print quality and long life of the printer
  • Save time and money: Simplified production thanks to a printout of colour labels adapted to individual needs
  • High speed and high print quality: Printing at speeds up to 300 mm/s at a 600 x 1200 dpi resolution
  • Low maintenance requirements, no gaps: Autoconservation thanks to a fixed printhead and nozzle verification technology
  • Simple integration: The ESC/label command enables the printer to be easily integrated with any operating system