Quality policy

The Integrated Management System policy (quality and safety) is focused on meeting the requirements of both current and future customers. We want to achieve this through stable and high quality and safety of the produced labels and thermal transfer tapes. We aim to make ZEMAR Kody Kreskowe Sp. z o.o. be associated by our Customers with commitment and professionalism at every stage of our business.

Our main goals are:
  • providing professional advice for Customers regarding the products offered,
  • ensuring professional and timely order fulfilment,
  • implementation of production processes in planned and supervised conditions,
  • the use of production materials that meet the quality requirements,
  • monitoring development trends on the market in order to ensure the use of appropriate technologies that meet the Customers' needs,
  • entrusting all employees with responsibility for the quality,
  • adjusting activities at all stages of cooperation to the needs and expectations of our Customers.
  • careful selection of suppliers providing materials of appropriate quality and by assessing deliveries in terms of eliminating risks.

The assumptions of the IMS policy are known and respected by all employees.

We declare constant efforts to meet the expectations of our Customers in the design and production of labels and thermal transfer tapes, the requirements of adequate standards for IMS, respect for the law, continuous improvement of effectiveness and the development of an integrated management system.