Learn about our history

ZEMAR is a company whose roots date back to 1999. It all began with the renovation of a small room being a laundry at one of the skyscrapers in the centre of Gdynia. There, at Władysława IV Street, our first office was established, which we still remember with great sentiment to this day.

Initially, our activity was focused on the distribution of barcode scanners, installation of software and training in the use of thermal and thermal transfer printers. The requirements for the use of barcodes were then a novelty, so through cooperation with the Centre for Barcodes in Poznań, we tried to help our customers in labelling their products. We installed Eltron printers, later Zebra, to finally choose Citizen brand, which equipment we offer to this day. Distribution and services were no longer enough for us, we wanted to develop. Soon we started our own label production on the reel. We specialized in cutting stickers of various sizes, shapes and substrates. However, we did not stop there.

Observing the trends and situation on the market, as well as the constantly growing requirements of our customers, we decided, as the first in Gdynia, to develop a printing house producing multicolour self-adhesive labels on a roll. Without any experience in flexographic printing, we invested in printing machines. Initially, our machine park was old and imperfect, but it was it that allowed us to get to know and explore the secrets of printing. We gained experience, and with this experience the need for new solutions and techniques grew in us. Therefore, we exchanged our machine park for a completely new and modern one, which allows us to carry out orders of even the most demanding customers.

In addition to the distribution of equipment and label production, we have also developed the thermal transfer ribbon production department. We were the first in Pomerania to install the Swiss FAES machine, thanks to which the quality of winding our ribbons allows us to compete with the largest manufacturers in the world.

The development of the company forced us to change the location in order to accommodate all the achievements and to logically control the avalanche of the growing group of regular customers. Thus, we have invested in land in the municipality of Przodkowo, where in the picturesque village of Załęże we are still expanding mass production.

Zemar is not only about buildings, machines and products. Zemar is above all people, because without them this history would not have taken place. Over the years we have had the pleasure of getting to know and employing many people, and thus many characters. It was thanks to them that we gained experience in management and cooperation with the team. Respect for human work, responsibility for it, clearly set goals, humility and understanding is the foundation on which we want to build relationships with others. We believe that such an approach contributes to perceiving us as an attractive employer in the region.

Environmental protection measures have also ceased to be seen by us as a cost and have become our normality. By planning further investments, occupational safety and environmental protection have become a fundamental objective.

Science and investment have naturally become part of our mission. This gives us a sense of continuous development, which is so necessary to exist on the market. The proof that we are heading in the right direction is the recent acquisition of ISO and BRC certificates.

Many years behind us, it has not always been easy, but it has never been boring. Every year we don't feel older, but more mature, like a good wine. We haven't said the last word yet, this card will constantly fill up...