Colour labels

  • In order to make a multi-colour label, we use flexographic, digital and screen printing technologies.
  • Paint your label with any colour from the Pantone sampler. Over 1800 colours offer many possibilities. Choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. We will do the rest for you. We will print it over the entire surface of the label, creating a uniform background for the texts and graphics you want to place on it.
  • Do you want to make a warning label? Or maybe you want your label to perfectly stand out on store or warehouses shelves? Choose for its production a special surface dedicated to this available in four fluorescent colours, next to which you can't pass by indifferently. Green, orange, red or the mysteriously sounding chartreuse, which one will you choose? Decide.
  • Our digital printing allows to prepare labels in 1200dpi resolution without having to order expensive printing forms.
  • We offer various label refinement techniques
  • Wine labels are one of the most beautiful on the market. This is not achieved by fancy graphics, colourful photos or cliparts. It is the simple form, refinement and paper texture that make them unique and exceptional.