Standard labels on a roll

White labels wound on a roll can be printed using a thermal method (on thermal paper) or thermal transfer (using a thermal transfer tape) with the help of printers available in our Company.

Papers from which we can make labels on a roll:

  • matte or semi-gloss universal,
  • matte or semi-gloss blackened from the bottom (effectively masks obsolete, unnecessary or incorrect information),
  • thermal (for thermal printing without the use of thermal transfer tapes) standard or increasing the durability of the print.
Adhesive on which we can make white labels:
  • standard (durable, based on acrylic emulsion),
  • strong (with exceptionally high durability, based on rubber),
  • for freezing (possibility of application in refrigeration conditions, resistant to long-term exposure to very low temperatures),
  • easily-removable (with good adhesion, but with the possibility to remove without leaving residue).

In addition to paper, we can also use various types of foils and non-adhesive materials for the production of labels.